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Webtalk Webinar 9/10/18

Board of Advisors 9/11/18

Webtalk’s patent-pending SocialCRM technology took 5-Years and $6.5MM to design, architect and engineer.

What does it mean for you?


Simple segregation of your friends, family and professional contacts + segregation of your inner and outer networks.

Using our BUILT IN LABELS when you make a connection, you create a…

A. Searchable Rolodex for your contacts

B. Channelled newsfeed (like a built in group)

C. Content management to filter your content based on the networks you share it with

D. Profile that only displays your content to the users who have permissions to see it based on the privacy setting you set when you post your content (profile front page has privacy settings built into each profile widget)

E. Notifications that can also be filtered by your networks so you don’t miss important updates.

Using the “KEYWORDS” when you connect, you create searchable tags in your contact management platform for your (examples) sports teams, clubs, schoolmates, neighbors, etc.

EXAMPLE: Then by going to contacts, clicking “personal” and in the search typing “neighbors” all of your “neighbors” will come up and SOON you will be able to do a “Select and Message All” for INSTANT private group chat.

SOON you also will be able to use the newsfeed SEARCH BAR to also filter by your contact’s tags

Using the “NEWS & RECOMMENDATION VALUES” when you make a connection allows you to add each contact to your “inner” important contacts and “outer” less important contacts



Tagline: This is a one-liner that describes you best to the world

Banner: Click the edit button on your profile to edit your profile banner, recommended banner size is 2000 wide x 350 height

Widgets: Integrated privacy settings on the widget, drag and drop to organize your profile the way you want

About Me: Allows HTML to customize and inject videos

Showcase: Your photos, videos and files all have their own unique gallery pages.

In short, your profile is a mix of LinkedIn, old school Myspace, Instagram, YouTube and Dropbox with the look of a world class responsive website branded just for you (our special touch).


Posting Content: Attach ANY kind of file: Photo, Video and Files (we pulled the video player due to slow upload times but we are introducing video 2.0 soon)

Targeting Communication (stop spamming your contacts): Using built-in groups by selecting “Custom” from the dropdown menu

NOTE: Custom posts also have the ability to be shared CONFIDENTIALLY, which removes the share function

Group/Channel Filtering: See the news you want from who you want when you want

Content Filtering: Filter your entire feed displaying ONLY photos (like Instagram and Flickr) OR ONLY videos (like YouTube) OR ONLY files (like Dropbox)

Keyword Search: Search your news by keywords (more functions coming soon)

***BONUS FEATURES FOR DEALMAKERS*** (recruiters, entrepreneurs, investors, vendor procurement reps, sales, business development, etc.)

MORE LABELS = MORE CHANNELS/GROUPS connected to each company on your profiles

CURRENT vs PROSPECT CONTACTS: Divide these contacts to manage existing relationships and build new ones

NOTES: Add notes that receive a timestamp

PS: Some of the cool new features we are working now are mentioned in our invite email!

Webtalk’s affiliate program is like a lottery ticket, except you don’t have to buy them, you earn each one through your referrals to Webtalk.

Some people you invite won’t use Webtalk or invite anyone (those tickets don’t win)

Some people will invite people who use Webtalk and don’t invite others nor make purchases (those tickets have small awards from ad revenue share)

Some people will invite people who use Webtalk daily and make purchases and invite people (these have larger awards)

Some people will invite people who use Webtalk daily and make purchases and invite a lot of people (these will have even bigger awards)

Some people will invite people who use Webtalk daily and make purchases and invite a lot of people who use Webtalk daily and make purchases (these will have biggest awards)

The way to win a lottery is to increase your chances by getting more tickets, same applies here.

The more personal referrals you acquire to Webtalk the better your chances are for the grand prize.

You don’t know what your referrals will do, but what we do know is the more referrals you get, the better chances you will have of your referrals getting you to the grand prize.

There is a REAL opportunity here to earn 5, 6 or even 7 figures PER MONTH in revenue share for LIFE, like a lottery winning, without it costing you anything!

If you don’t play, you certainly won’t win, and the more tickets you get the better your chances are for life changing success!

As our video says, invite everyone you know before they invite you, and in this case before someone else does!

This is our Beta and while we wrap up the remaining bug fixes, it’s also the Pre-Launch to our FREE SocialCPX affiliate “lottery” program.

You’ll find your referral links and your referral tracking dashboard located within your account menu here in Webtalk!

We are wishing you all success here because there an opportunity for at least 1M grand prize winners who will be able to share in up to 50% of our revenue for LIFE (10% revenue share from your direct referrals through 5-degrees of referral separation)

However, our 10% revenue share program will NEVER go away! That’s a 10% payout higher than all other social media platforms.

So even if you don’t get the grand prize, you can’t lose because Webtalk’s software blows away the competition, and it’s FREE, and it still pays you for your referrals as they generate revenue.

Good luck and happy inviting!



3) IF WE OFFERED THE $40/MO PRO PLATINUM PLAN AT 50% OFF FOR LIFE TO ALL BETA USERS ($20/MO), WOULD YOU WANT THAT OFFER? (this is so we can use you all as our testers to make sure all of the features are working)


Pro contact management offers additional contact management features including more custom channels, tags, labeling and filtering based on a volume of contacts. The Free tier will always have unlimited professional acquaintance and personal connections. Only the professional SocialCRM labels (other than acquaintance) will have a cap on contacts (which only the dealmakers will use). ie. The free account is like a LinkedIn with basic connections.

Pro spotlight posts allow you to post to your newsfeed to any or all channels and Webtalk will send them a notification and an email with your news to make sure they/you get it

Send messages to non-connections allows you to message people who you aren’t connected to inside of Webtalk

See the people who have viewed your profile will be limited to the last five views for non-Pro members

Stealth mode allows you to search Webtalk profiles without exposing your identity.

Ad free removes banner ads

Advanced search allows you do dive into our machine learning tags and additional user profile data to find specific users. We have also included age range and gender.

PRO BADGE: Every user will get a PRO badge everywhere your name appears in Webtalk as a PRO user. You will also be prioritized in our search as a PRO user.

Simple and direct answers are best here as this is the information we need to complete out our PRO features.

Thank you very much for your help!

10% Revenue Share for LIFE paid on the advertising, premium feature purchases, transaction fee and job service revenues generated by the people you invite/refer to Webtalk.


Have a completed profile (completeness meter at 100%) that includes your real name, photo and work information (this will be verified)

Be one of the first 1,000,000 qualified affiliates to refer/invite a user who purchases one of Webtalk’s PRO premium feature packages (monthly or annual) and you will earn…

10% Revenue Share for LIFE on all revenues generated through a 5-Tier referral network (people you invite, who they invite, who they invite through 5-Degrees of separation.


1) 10% (your referrals)
2) 10%
3) 10%
4) 10%
5) 10%

That’s up to 50% of Webtalk’s revenue for LIFE!


A. You must login into Webtalk and make a least 1 (one) public post monthly to your newsfeed. You will be given an immediate notice with a 30-Day window to make a post on the 1st day of a new month if you did not make a post the previous month. This requirement will expire after five years from the date of enrollment.

B. You must maintain 1 (ONE) PRO customer in your direct referral book of business at all times to maintain qualifications. If you acquire an annual-payment PRO customer it will qualify you for a year. This requirement will expire after five years from the date of enrollment.

C. If you lose your only customer during the first 5-Years, you will have 30-Days with notice to acquire a new customer or lose your bonus indefinitely, but you will lose your commissions from Tiers 2-5 on the last day of the same month you fell out of qualifications and they will be reinstated if a new sale or renewal is made within the allotted 30-Day window.

D. If there are more than 1,000,000 Webtalk users who are technically Pre-Qualified for the 5-Tier Team Trainer Bonus (have a completed profile, and acquired 1-Pro customer referral) prior to the official launch of the affiliate program, all who are pre-qualified will be awarded with the Team Trainer Bonus, and the Affiliate program will launch as the standard 10% Affiliate commission plan for all NEW affiliates.

E. In accordance with US law, in order for Webtalk to pay revenue share through 5-Tiers, and not just on your own referrals/invites, every affiliate who is awarded the Team Trainer affiliate commission plan must assist the affiliates in their 5-Tier referral network with learning how to use the Webtalk and SocialCPX software products.

Webtalk will be providing a separate newsfeed inside of SocialCPX.com to instantly connect you with all of the affiliates in your referral network who have enrolled in the free affiliate program by agreeing to the terms and conditions of the program.

One of those terms includes a strict no cross-promoting and no spamming policy that will result in immediate termination of your accounts and loss of commissions. This will be well defined in the official terms. The SocialCPX newsfeed is there to strictly provide a forum for the users of our community to help each other learn how to use Webtalk. Think of it as a live real-time support chat channel, except there are two channels. One to chat with your upline, and another to chat with your entire downline. Your only requirement is to answer a minimum of one question per month from your downline (if applicable). This requirement will expire after five years from the date of enrollment.

In the event of illness or death, your account will NOT be terminated. You will be able to have your power of attorney or next of kin provide the proper paperwork to have your account funds transferred to another individual who inherits or becomes the executor of your estate. In the event of an account transfer, no more terms will apply to maintain qualifications.

After 5-Years, your affiliate account will be free of restrictions and can be sold as a business asset.

Just to clarify so everyone understands, these are the terms and how lucrative our affiliate program really is for all of you…

The first 1M to get qualified get a 5-Tier commission plan (unlimited users on all 5 tiers forever) paying 10% revenue share on all Tiers from ads, premium feature packages, transaction fees and job services.

After the 1M is reached, everyone other than the first 1M earns 10% revenue share from their direct referrals only (unlimited user referrals)

Qualifications are simple: upload a real photo of you, complete your profile and refer at least 1 user who upgrades to our PRO premium feature service starting at $20/mo (coming soon). NOTE: If you upgrade your account then it helps the person who referred you get qualified, not yourself.

We are also offering our Beta users 50% OFF for LIFE on our PRO Platinum package, which is $40/mo regular price. (see details in my previous posts on Webtalk via my profile https://www.webtalk.co/n/23725)

Linkedin has a premium service as well that starts around $50/mo for similar features. Approximately 2% of LinkedIn users purchase those features.

If we use those numbers, that means approximately 1 out of 50 people you invite will upgrade to a premium service, which will qualify you for the 5-Tier commission plan and pay you 10% revenue share on their subscriptions for as long as they continue to pay their bills.

Also, you can expect an estimated $0.01 in advertising commission for about every 5 mins your referrals spend on Webtalk. ie. The more time they spend, the more you earn (this can add up fast with a lot of your referrals using the site daily).

Once we launch our marketplace, you’ll earn a 1% commission every time your referrals make a purchase from another Webtalk user.

As we continue to add additional revenue streams, you will earn 10% of what we make on those as well.

Thanks for being a founding member of our Beta and supporting Webtalk!

We are wishing you all success!

PS: For more info about Webtalk and our affiliate program, please watch the videos found on the YouTube tab and read CEO RJ Garbowicz’s posts on Webtalk.

Our Foundation’s mission is to “help the world go non-profit”, and again like everything else we do, we found a next level way to help change the world.

We are tracking our revenue by country so 10% of our profit can go back to the countries where we generated our revenue.

Webtalk Ventures will collect 10% of our profits to invest into real estate.

Non-profits will be able to apply for a grant to receive new hospitals facilities, schools, orphanages, after school clubs, parks, rec centers, etc.

As long as you are a non-profit with a great cause looking for a home to give back to your community, you’ll be able to apply for a grant anywhere in the world.

If the facility doesn’t exist, Webtalk Ventures will build one or buy one and then donate a long-term lease to the Webtalk Foundation to issue out the lease grants to other nonprofits.

There are several reasons we choose this model:

1) It’s so we know that 100% of our donations are going to serve those in need

2) Charities have a hard time going to 3rd world countries because governments seize the land they buy and kick them out. They will not be able to kick out a multi-billion dollar multi-national corporation

3) The real estate appreciates, which will compound our charitable assets

4) Webtalk is about helping local communities thrive on a global level and there is no way better to do this than to put our money where our mouth is!

Thank you for joining us on our mission to change the world!